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Take your skiing performance to the next level

Fine tune your balance for skiing

The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer is a 'dry land' ski trainer that will revolutionise the way you train for skiing, whatever your level of ability. With training sessions lasting just a few minutes, you can practice and refine your skills of centred balance - the skill that lies behind the high performance skiing of elite athletes.

Discover accurate, centred balance

Of all the technical elements in skiing, accurate, centred balance is perhaps the top priority for developing and improving performance. The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer will show you exactly the right point to centre your balance on. Once experienced, it’s an unmistakeable feeling. The blocks then provide a unique way to practice and develop your balance skills. The trainer is a fun and very dynamic challenge in its own right, for every ability. However, the skills you develop on the trainer transfer directly to skiing – and can transform the performance of even expert skiers. 

Surefire Success Method

The trainer is designed to be used with ski boots. There are 4 sizes of balance blocks, which can be swapped in seconds. The largest (green) blocks are designed to be easy to use, and are ideal for beginners. The blue and red blocks are designed to be difficult, and provide a progressive challenge. The smallest (black) blocks will challenge even the very best skiers.

The pack includes a detailed manual with exercises, plus additional drills for use on the slopes. This is a surefire method for learning the skills of accurate, centred balance - the key to developing your skiing performance. 

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SkiA Sweetspot Trainer - from Life Cinematic

What people are saying

“The Skia Sweetspot Trainer is a great training aid to train balance on ski boots”

Alfons Schmid
Head Coach, Racecenter Benni Raich

“Centered balance and centered stance are important for fundamental movements. The Sweetspot Trainer gives you the starting point to ski athletically and efficiently. It's an essential tool for every serious skier at any level.”

Chris Fellows
Author of 'Total Skiing', and Director of NASTC (North American Ski Training Centre)

“The tool for perfect regulation in the ski boot - any time, anywhere.”

DSLV (Association of Professional Ski Instructors, Germany)

“Finding the sweet spot and developing the skills to stay in that place throughout the turn is the difference between an average skier and a great skier. We all know the feeling, but maintaining the sensation throughout the turn can be fleeting. The Sweetspot SkiA Trainer is a great tool for finding our point of balance and refining our ability to stay in balance. Give it a try.”

Bill Madsen
Director of Operations, NASTAR

“We are using the Sweetspot Trainer ourselves, and with all of our clients. It activates your body and muscles in a way that no other ski simulator touches. You have to create and maintain your balance over the point of pressure, leaving no way of cheating. Quite simply, if you use this your skiing will improve !”

Gavin Kerr Hunter
Director, SnowPerformance
Crystal Mountain, Washington State
Snow Sports training Specialists
PSIA Trainer and examiner

“It's a great device for racers to train their skills of balance, accuracy and movement.”

Chris Hill - Ventura Sports.
Former British National Squads Coach and British Children's Team Coach.
Head Coach Snowsports Race Club and ESSkiA

“The Sweetspot (Trainer) really heightens your awareness of where you should be on your skis. It's a fun training tool to complement your skiing”

F Mullen
SCI Instructor

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