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The SKiA dryland ski trainer:
the fast and fun way 
to perfect your ski skills

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The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer is a unique dry-land training device for skiers, designed to be used with ski boots. It's small, light and tough, and can be used almost anywhere. 

Quickly practice, train and perfect essential skills to take your skiing to new heights. Use it to get in shape for a season, to prepare for a ski holiday or a competition. Incorporate it as an essential part of your ski preparation and fitness program.


It’s proven to work for and to challenge skiers of every standard, from complete beginners through to intermediate, advanced, and professional skiers.

It trains the skills to make your skiing safer, more dynamic and more efficient. Maximize your control, your safety and your performance. 

SkiA is recommended by professional skiers and racers, national ski instructor organizations and leading ski schools worldwide.

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Each pack includes one pair of trainers and four pairs of balance blocks.


There's also a detailed instruction manual, with fitting instructions and advice on exercises. 


To fit the trainers, simply adjust them so that the blocks are centered under the ski boots. Then, wearing your boots, balance on the blocks - so that your toes and heels don’t touch down. 

This starts out quite easy, but gets much more challenging as the balance blocks get smaller. 

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The largest size of blocks - the green blocks - are quite stable and are designed to be quickly mastered.

However, as the blocks get smaller they get more difficult. The blue blocks are a moderately hard challenge for good skiers.


The red blocks are a very difficult challenge for good skiers. 


The smallest blocks - the black blocks - are like balancing sideways on a tightrope in ski boots, and require exceptional balance skills. 

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Jan Farrell - FIS SDH Speed ​​Ski World Cup Champion (2014) and double Speed Ski World Record Holder

On a balance board without boots, most of the work of balancing is done by foot and ankle movements. The Trainer is used with ski boots because with ankles ‘braced’ by boots you can't balance in this way.


On the SkiA Trainer, you have to use your whole body. You have to actively engage your hips, shoulders, head, arms and hands to balance and stay centered. 


The skills needed to balance on the blocks are highly focused and dynamic - it's a surprisingly intense workout that really engages the leg muscles and core. For anyone recovering from injury, it's a safe, progressive way to retrain balance, proprioception, and increased range of movements. 

It’s a unique and patented challenge – no other balance trainer works this way – and, because it’s exactly the way that you balance on skis, it's a uniquely effective ski trainer. 

It’s also great fun for all ages. Challenge yourself, and challenge your friends!


Emily Sarsfield - World Class Freestyle & Ski Cross Skier, Team GB, Olympics 2018


Hugh Monney,  BASS (British Alpine Ski School)

"There is a sweet spot on each ski, a place to balance.

Your number one priority is to find this place on each ski,

so that you can become familiar with it, balance upon it,

press through it and pivot about it".

"When you balance here your ski will be stable,

so you will feel safe;

and yet it will turn easily, so you will feel in control.

Your body will balance and move much more effectively".


"If you balance elsewhere,

you will be fighting against your boots, every turn,

all day, every day".

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